Pancake Tuesday - First Update 1.1

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Maybe is a little late (one week) to talk about the development, but I decide to wait for the first update before publish here.

One week ago was the 2018 Pancake Day and the day before I was coming as crazy in my bicycle from the full time job, because in the path I was thinking about this idea that I want to develop to celebrate the day, I just get home and say to my couple "I would develop a game in the next 8 hours" of course she let it be my crazy and impulsive project.

During the night I develop all the game needs to be played: Start, Lose, Get High Score and some kind of primary art, all the necessary to be played, I was almost dead at 4am when I deal with all the key android thinks and answering weird question about my game during the uploading process to the Android Play Store, thanks god I was not drunk.

It was really cool, is not a big game but I did it and was some kind of challenge get the goal and I love it.

But of course, I'm perfectionist artist and I take the next days to develop some updates, my actual plan was finish everything the last weekend but that was really impossible, so I realize a update the weekend and I plans to release a final one for this weekend and say "This game is over, now go and spread Happiness".

Some of the features I work the last update:

- New Loading Screen
- New Splash Screen
- Improving better art
- Improving Animations
- A Crown

Golden Pancake Crown

Let me know what you think and best wishes.

Thanks for play, read me and if you have some feedback don't miss the opportunity of share it.

- Aender Lara

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