Pancake Tuesday - April Update 1.1.2 - Pies and Waffle

April Update is here and now with a little store to buy new items to play, you can get some tips from your plate services, bigger tower means better tips.

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Best wishes and enjoy this update.

- Aender Lara

New Items

New Store

Total list of improvements in the April Update:

  • New Animations, Optimization, Encrypted Saved Data and other fancy technical names.
  • Food is more fluffy now
  • You will receive Tips for your services
  • Food Menu to buy new items to play using your tips
  • Pies and waffle available in the food menu
  • Background Music
  • Game social networks links available in the about menu
  • Setting menu with close button and sound options.

 Store Behind the store

Don't forget let some feedback or comments and also tell me about with which food you want to play in the future.


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Mar 31, 2018

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